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Places of InterestBhangarh, Chand Baori, Rusirani Village, Bhimlat Waterfall, Gadaria Mahadev
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    Unexplored Rajasthan
Hidden Places of Rajasthan

Rajasthan – A state of Forts, Palaces, Camps in deserts, Folk songs and multi colored fabrics. The state is among the favourite tourist destination in India and for all the people across the globe. It is in everyone’s list because of the famous and well explored tourist spot like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Bundi and many more. But do you know Rajasthan offers you a more than this. Along with sandy desert, it also has breath taking waterfall. It is not limited to forts,but also has a bend of Chambal River with lush green forest; temple of rats and Chand Baori (Deepest Step Well in the World).            

It was in the mid of January and the time was suitable for exploring something unexplored. It was a journey for 5 days. The places were already decided with the itinerary. Places we covered were Gadaria Mahadev, Himlat Waterfall, Camping in Desert, Mata Karni (Temple of Rats),Chand Baori and Rusirani village.

Gadaria Mahadev –The beauty of this place reminds you of The Grand Canyon of USA.This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva and comes under the shrine of Kota. You have to descend few steps for Lord SHIVA temple. But its picturesque location and spectacular view is the charm of this place. It looks like a painting made by God. The place is a great combination of river, rocks and lush greenery. You can also catch glimpse of crocodiles while sitting on the cliff. You can see the “S shape” of Chambal River from the uphill. It is a great place for photographers.

Wide Angle lenses is required to capture otherwise capture it from panorama setting as I did. We boarded an overnight sleeper bus from Delhi Kashmiri gate to Kota. It was a 10 hours journey. We reached at Kota around 9 am. We checked in our Hotel and after 2 hours of relaxation we went to see Gadaria Mahadev.It’s around 30 km and located near NH 76 towards Chittorgarh highway. The place is remote and isolated and it’s advisable not go after the sunset. Going there in a group is advisable.It is an amazing place to visit.

Bhimlat Waterfall – Day 2 was planned for this unexplored and breathtaking waterfall. This is not a small waterfall.Nobody can imagine this waterfall in Rajasthan until anyone witnesses this place. The first thing that came to my mind was… How this beautiful waterfall can be still remain unexplored? It is located near Bundi and around 30-35 km drive from Bundi bus stand. So we came to Bundi from Kota and from there to the Waterfall. We struggled a lot to get someone who knew about this place and could help us to find that. After half an hour of research with the local people,one auto driver was ready but he clearly told that he had never been to that place but he had a fair idea about the location of that place. I did not have any option except going with him.We took some wrong turns and kept on asking the people we met during our travel for the location of the Waterfall.Whatever locals said; we moved in that direction but finally we made it after two and half hours of struggle. 

By looking at it for the first time, you will not be able to believe it to be Rajasthan. I was so surprised with the stunning beauty of this place that I could not take my eyes away from the Waterfall.You need to descend (Around 100 stairs) to see this waterfall from front.

Mata Karni Temple – Are you scared of Rats??  If yes, then you must visit this temple. I heard so much about this temple and this is the one of the strangest temple in the world where Rats are fed, protected and worshipped.These rats are considered as holy and not as pests.The temple is dedicated to Goddess Karni, who is regarded as the incarnation of MaaDurga- the goddess of power and victory. It’s a “see it to believe it” temple. This temple is also known as the Temple of Rats (Kaba).The moment I entered, I was amazed to see hundreds of rats in the temple welcoming you and running all over the place. 

They move freely without any fear of humans and even move over your feet.The strange thing about that place is that the temple and nearby places has never witnessed a single case of plague. The devotees of goddess who see the special Kaba (White colour Rat) is supposed to be blessed by the Goddess.The Prasad is first offered to the Kabas and only then to the devotees.It’s around 30 km from Bikaner.

Chand Baori – A marvellous piece of Architecture…..! If not the largest;it is perhaps the most spectacular stepwells among the deepest and largest stepwells.It was built during the 8thand 9th century. Reason for calling this Baori as Chand Baori is because there is a day in the year when the light of the moon reflects in the water and all four sides of the baori looks blue. 

The well is a 13 storied building which is about 100 feet deep and has a total of 3500 narrow steps arranged in perfect symmetry descending to the bottom of the well 20 meters deep to a murky green puddle of water.The step well is a square construction measuring 35 meters on each side. 3 out of 4 sides have steps that lead down to the bottom of the well.The fourth side has three stories with beautiful jharokhas,galleries supported on pillars.The temperature in the Baori is 5 to 6 degrees colder than the outside temperature. Now it comes under ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).I still can’t imagine how they designed and constructed the structure back  then. There is also a 10th century Harshita Mata temple adjoining the well;the goddess of Happiness and Joy. The Baori is dedicated to Harshita Mata.

Chand Baori is in Abhaneri village in Dausa district of Rajasthan which is around 95 km from Jaipur, on the way to Agra highway and around 230 km from Delhi. The name Abhaneri is the result of wrong pronunciation. The place’s real name was Abha Nagri (the city of Brightness) but with time Abha Nagri became Abhaneri. Chand Boari has witnessed shooting for some of the Hollywood movies– The Fall and Dark Knight Rises and Bollywood movies.There is no entry fee for the Baori.

Rusirani Village – A Utopian village……! It is an authentic Indian village which has retained the customs of many of its generations. The village is a reflection of traditional and natural beauty of Rajasthan. Here you will get the real taste of a village and its villagers.  

No electricity, No running water, No TV, No phone signal, No traffic and away from modern amenities. You can see people herding animals. A perfect place to escape from city life and feeling the real happiness of a simple and peaceful life!The village is located on a hilltop surrounded by Aravali Mountains. There is also a ruined Jain temple with great carvings and old ruined fort surrounded by mountains with a terrific view. If you wish you can also stay there and spend a night under stars. Last 30 to 40 minutes drive to village was rough and bumpy but truly worth the enriching experience and must for someone interested in getting a glimpse of real India. 

Another thing which I liked the most about this place was that whatever money they collect from tourists is used for funding girlchild education.

The village is near Tahala town near Alwar.It’s around 200 km and isa 4 to 5 hours drive from Delhi and approx. 95 km from Jaipur.

Bhangarh – Among the most haunted places of India was the last place visited during this tour. Now it is getting popular from the last couple of years. Being haunted is only one aspect of this Fort. 

The Fort is very beautiful and it also has various temples and sarovars where people usually take bath. Various stories are there behind the ruined fort. I talked with some local people and they told me that there is nothing haunted in this fort and they used to stay inside fort during nights at multiple times

In old times,Bhangarh and Ajabgarh were two well established villages and famous for black magic. This black magic has ruined these two villages and now no black magic exists there.Reason for “a haunted place” tag is getting popular after coming in some of the bollywood movies.Whatever is the reason for this ruined village, but it is a must to visit place. There is no entry fees for this fort and no one is allowed to enter the fort before sunrise and after sunset.

The Bhangarh Fort is located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The nearest village is Golakabaas. It’s around 255 km from Delhi and will take around 6 hours by car. Best time to visit is during winters.

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The above expression is less but trust me, you have to see it to believe it. These places are far better than what I described about them. Go and explore, you will definitely get mesmerized with the beauty of theses unexplored places.

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