Triund, Snowline and Laka Glacier

PlaceTriund, Snowline and Laka Glacier
StateHimachal Pradesh
Stay optionGuest House (Prior booking required) and Camps Available
Places of InterestSnow line, Laka Glacier, Lahesh Cave and Indrahara Pass
Best Time to VisitTrek to Triund is open throughout the year.

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    Triund, Snowline and Laka Glacier
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Snapshot of My Journey

Duration 5 days

Travel Month/Year June 2015

Estimated Travel Cost INR 7,000

Includes Transport, Food and Stay

Triund is a place away from hustle and bustle of modern life, situated in the lap of Dhauladhar Mountains situated at around 10,000 ft. above sea level. Triund is 9km from Mcleodganj with no electricity and no water supply.  Mobile network is also hard to find.

I had never thought that deciding at last moment for Triund would be so much fun. Boarded overnight bus from Kashmiri Gate to Mcleodganj. Left at 10.30 pm from Delhi and reached Mcleodganj at 11 am. Far from maddening crowd at Mcleodganj I decided to stay at Dharamkot which is 2 km from Mcleodganj and near to Triund trek.  It is 30 minute walk to Dharamkot or you can hire auto. As it was already afternoon I decided to explore Mcleodganj keeping in mind not to exhaust much. Next day I had to leave early for Triund trek. After exploring local market and Bhagsu waterfall which is only 2 km from Mcleodganj I returned back to Dharamkot. I found Mcloedganj local market worth to see. Bhagsu waterfall was a bit crowded but it is nice to sit and sip a cup of coffee. Water was not much but it was clear (try to reach early to avoid rush). Another reason for staying at Dharamkot was the location of the hotel - Vidya Ashram. Far away from the crowd and close to nature. I spent one night there.

You can directly contact Anil at  09882133618 (Living with his wife and kid) the caretaker of this hotel to get rid of the agent commission. It costed me INR 1500 because of agent commission of INR 500. Don’t do the same mistake what I did.  


Vidya Ashram

Next day I woke up at 06.30 a.m. and after having breakfast I left the hotel by 8.00 a.m. I carried only one pair of winter clothes and some essential woolen stuff i.e. Gloves, winter cap, socks and left most of the stuff in the hotel only to avoid excess baggage to Triund.

Don’t forget to carry enough water bottles as you will find the price of water bottle to be 3 times more and also keep in mind not to carry over baggage with water bottles only.

I took an auto rickshaw from Dharamkot to Gallu Devi temple (Starting point of trek). From Gallu Devi temple there is no motorable road and there is no other option except trekking. It is advisable to use transport till Gallu Devi Temple to avoid excess tiredness. Triund is around 5.5 km trek from Gallu Devi temple.

View from half way to Triund

There are some shops for refreshment. First one is from where trekking starts for Triund. There are two more in the midway of the trek. Things get costlier as you move towards Triund. It’s better to carry some food stuff and some chocolates handy to get some instant energy.


Refreshment Time

I found most of the trekking average and not much steeper but the last stretch of around 2 km is steeper. In the last stretch the view changed drastically and the sun was gone and it was all clouds everywhere. The trek is narrow at some points and may give you a sense of thrill and adventure.

Drastic change in Weather – Sun down and Clouds up

Overall Trek was calm, serene and full of majestic views. On an average it takes around 4 hours to reach at the top of Triund. There are 2 to 3 shops in between where you can grab some refreshment. After trekking of around four hours including two small stoppages of 15 minutes each I was finally in the lap of nature. 


Mountain above Sky

The First word that came to my mind was “AWESOME “.  It seems huge mountains welcoming you. For the next couple of minutes I was staring at Dhauladhar Mountains. 



There is also a Forest Guest house but needs booking at Dharamshala/Mcleodganj. After reaching to the top I rented a camp which cost me INR 800 and spent one night in camp with bonfire and some music added to the enjoyment and the clear night sky added beauty to this place.


The next morning target was to cover Snowline and Laka Glacier.


Way to Snowline

Snowline trek start from Triund  which meant I was going to cover more elevation.

Left Triund at around 08.30 am. Trek to Snowline from Triund was not that easy. It is steeper and curvy than Triund trek and there was no direction to follow. The weather was getting colder as I was heading towards Snowline.  It is around 3 Km but took more time to reach the Snowline.

At certain points I had to wait for people to show me the way as I was lost and unfortunately you will hardly find anyone to help you. So it’s advisable to have a guide for Snowline and is a must for Laka Glacier. But somehow I managed to reach the Snowline at 11.30 am after struggling 3 hours of trekking


Snowline – The only shop for Food and Accommodation

There is only one shop and you will easily get food and accommodation. I rented a tent for night halt. After reaching the Snowline I had some food and took a power nap for an hour.  The plan was to go Laka Glacier and spending some time there and coming back to Snowline for night halt. Although Laka Glacier is only 1.5 Km from there but the problem was that there was no visibility and its must to have Guide with you otherwise there will be possibility of getting lost in the brutal weather. I was fortunate to find a group of four people with a Guide who reached Snowline at 12.30 pm. The group was also planning to go to Laka Glacier and come back to Snowline. After waiting for around one and a half hours there was some visibility. 


Way to Laka Glacier

The moment things got better we moved towards Laka Glacier. Now I was with the group of four people with a guide. It gave me some confidence because till the time this group was not there it was dicey to cover Laka Glacier alone in such drastic weather conditions. It took an hour to reach Laka Glacier.


Starting of Laka Glacier

After spending 2 hours we decided to go back to Snowline before things get worse. Again the visibility started getting worse and only black clouds were all around.


Laka Glacier

The guide told us to move back as early as possible otherwise it would have been a problem. In the next 45 minutes we all were in the Snowline. “Thanks to our guide”, he knew the way very well otherwise it was really hard to identify the proper way in such zero visibility.

Thanks to our guide (Anil – 098161-07064/97363-02982). You can contact him for the guide and accommodation in Triund, Snowline and Laka glacier. Best time to trek to Snowline and Laka Glacier is March end to June and Sept. to December.


Things to carry

·         Woolen Clothes including Gloves, socks and cap

·         Torch- as there is no electricity

·         Basic medicines

·         Water bottles

·          Power Bank

·         Extra battery for your camera


How to Reach

There are regular overnight buses ply from Delhi to Mcleodganj. It takes around 12 hours to reach Mcleodganj from Delhi.

Below is the distance chart with mode of transport from Mcleodganj to Laka Glacier

Mcleodganj ---˃ Dharamkot ---˃ Gallu Devi Temple ---˃ Triund ---˃ Snowline ---˃ LakaGlacier 


Places                                                Distance                 Mode of Commuting             Guide Required

Mcleodganj to Dharamkot                  2 km                       Vehicle/Trekking                           No

Dharamkot to Gallu Devi Temple       1.5 km                     Vehicle/Trekking                           No

Gallu Devi Temple to Triund              5.5 km                    Trekking                                         No

Triund to Snowline                             3 km                       Trekking                                        Yes

Snowline to LakaGlacier                     1.5 km                    Trekking                                        Yes

You don’t require any guide for Triund. You can easily trek the route. You can cover this place in 3 days and if wish to see Snowline and Laka glacier you need one more day.  

Still have Queries….. No need to worry. Please post your queries and comments, will reply at the earliest.


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