Tirthan Valley

PlaceTirthan Valley
Stay optionGuest House , Resort, Home Stay and Camps
Places of InterestWaterfall, Serolsar lake, Great Himalayan National park, Villages & Chaini Fort
Best Time to VisitMarch to Nov

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    Tirthan Valley
Secluded Heaven

Snapshot of My Journey

Duration                                          3 Days

Travel Month/Year                          May 2016

Estimated Trip Cost                         INR 10,000 for two

Includes                                           Transport, Food and Stay

We all must have seen mesmerizing locations where the artists are enjoying a shower under a beautiful waterfall with butterflies fluttering around. Yes……; it is a bit filmy but you can actually experience the same in Tirthan Valley.  It is a place for mountain lovers and trekking enthusiasts. The place is famous for angling & bird watching consisting of beautiful cottages to stay and having people showing generous hospitality. What else can anyone ask for……!!

Boarded overnight bus from Delhi by-pass to Aut (on the way to Manali) around 07.30 pm and got down around 07.30 am the next morning at Aut. From there I took a local bus to Banjar and thereafter, another bus to Bathahad. De-boarded at Naglaadi bridge before Gushaini Village at 10.30 am.


Blue water along with the Tirthan Valley

My itinerary was already in place but nature had its own plan. Around 12 pm, when I was ready for a small trek to the waterfall; nature started its waterfall and it was raining heavily for around 2 hours and drizzling for the next hour thereafter. After the rain stopped,I made changes to the plan and went for fishing and spent some time in the blue crystal like water, waiting to get some fishes in our bucket for dinner. There was a drastic change in weather in the night after it rained.

The next day around 8.00 am, I started for Badasaari (a green field on the top for camping). In the way there is a beautiful Sarchi Village. There is a motorable road till Sarchi Village. The village is such picturesque and its beauty is as a postcard image. After spending some relaxed & good time with the local people I moved ahead for Badasaari. Trekking is the only option for Badasaari from Sarchi village which takes only 20 minutes if you are an average trekker.It is an ideal place for camping surrounded by mountains with serene views.


One of the beautiful village of the Valley

It was around 12.30 pm and another place which was in my list to cover was the waterfall. I came back to my home stay for lunch. After the lunch; it was just a 10 minutes’ drive and 30 minutes of trekking. The waterfall was hidden and was covered with forest with easily sighted butterflies around. There was no name for this waterfall. It was a small one but was worth to see. It had freezing water but that could not stop me going under it.


No name Waterfall  

Third day was planned for Serolsar Lake and to explore Jibhi Village. Left early at 6.30 am and took 2 hours to reach Jalori pass. The views were very scenic with river flowing along with the large Himalayan range.The drive was getting curvier and beautiful as we were getting close to Jalori Pass. At every curve, you will see a different view of the valley. The condition of the road was good till Ghiyagi village and after that it is not good. Jalori pass is known for its bad roads and dangerous curves. The Jalori Pass is a high mountain pass at a height of 10,821 Feet. Serolsar Lake is a 5 km trek from Jalori Pass and it takes around 1.5 hours to reach.There is Maha kali temple at the starting point of the trek. On the way to the lake, there are 2 camping options and 3 to 4 shops in the last 2 km stretch of the trek. The lake is surrounded by thick forest.There is Nagini Mata temple near the lake.It is believed that Nagini Mata resides in the lake and is the mother of 60 Nag Devtas in Himachal. It is also said that the Pandavas visited Serol Sar Lake during their exile period and planted rice here. The lake experiences snowfall during winters.


Serolsar Lake

After spending a wonderful time around the lake, it was time to go down to experience the beauty of another village- Jibhi. The village is very beautiful and seems to be made for lazy people to relax. The village offered some budget accommodation and the people are very friendly. They are more than happy to help and you can talk to them and ask them about the history and know the unfold stories about the entire valley.


Beautiful people in beautiful Valley

It was 5.00pm in the evening and I had my return bus booked for Delhi from Aut at 7.00 pm.  It was not the end of the tour; there are much more places to explore in Tirthan Valley. I will surely coming back to explore Great Himalayan National Park, Chehni Kothi and to relax in lap of nature once again.

Tirthan Valley is a less travelled site in Kullu  and not very much commercialized .The valley is very beautiful and  far away from city noise and pollution.More important is that it is easily accessible by road. This is an ideal destination to spend 3 to 4 days just to relax and to see the real beauty of nature. Just to sit along the riverside and observe the beauty in its purest form &that’s what living life means. A place like this made me feel I am alive and that you are at your best when you are in the lap of nature…….!


How to Reach

Delhi ------Chandigarh------Mandi------Aut------Banjar------Ghushaini

Road : Board the bus from Delhi to Kullu/Manali and get off at Aut.Buses are available from Aut in plenty after every 30-45 minutes if you are on a budget trip. There are buses directly to Gushaini or you can go till Banjar and change another bus to Gushaini. If you are travelling by your own vehicle, then take right turn before the Aut tunnel.You don’t need to travel till Banajar. There is a diversion 2 km before Banjar which leads to Ghushaini.

Average travel time from Delhi to Gushaini is around  13–15 hours.


Stay Option

Struggle is to get some budget accommodation in valley. Some of the well-known stay options in the valley where range start from INR 1500 are -

Tirthan  Adventure Camp (Organizes all kinds of Adventure Activities in Tirthan Valley )

Raju Guets House (Book 2-3 months before the travel)

Hotel Trout Valley

Trishla Resort

Sunshine Himalayan Camp

Forest Rest House


Mobile Network

BSNL works here and Airtel in some location.



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