Robber's Cave

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    Robber's Cave
Natural Mysterious Caves leading to a small waterfall

Robber's Cave

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Duration                                            2-3 Hours

Travel Month/Year                       December 2015

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It doesn’t require any days or planning to see Robber’s cave. It can be covered easily in 2-3 hours when you are in Dehradun or passing through Dehradun. That’s what I did the same. I covered this place while coming from Chakrata to Delhi.

Locally known as “Guchhu Pani”, it is around 600 meter of naturally built caves with narrow ravine. As the name suggests; Robbers used to hide their stolen treasures from Britishers in these caves. There is a small waterfall inside the cave. It is a small channel of water flowing through the gap between rocks creating a great ambience. The experience was amazing while walking through cold water between the cliffs. The cave starts with ankle deep water and you will feel knee deep water as you go in, so its good to wear shorts and carry extra pair of clothes. Slippers are available on rent. There are certain points where there are rays of sun light passing through the trees and hitting the water which looks like a star in the water. Walk inside till you don’t reach the waterfall. Till the waterfall you can go along with your kids but after that you need to climb those slippery rocks and move between the narrow spaces while climbing between the rocks to go beyond that waterfall. I did that and found it a little risky. Please don’t go after waterfall with small children and aged people.  I noticed few shops in the cave but did not find them in working condition. But you can enjoy your Maggi and snacks with your feet inserted in water at the starting point of the cave. Robber’s cave is getting popular and developed as picnic spot in Dehradun. Its a good place to get relief from the scorching heat of summer.  Entry fees is INR 20.

Although Robber’s cave is given little attention by authority as you can see the plastic bottles, cigarettes   and wrappers around the cave and even inside the cave. But overall its a must watch destination if you are in Dehradun or passing from Dehradun. Its an ideal place for Nature lovers. 2-3 hours are enough to explore and feel the beauty of natural cave with water.

Robber’s cave is around 8 km from main city of Dehradun. Local bus is available till Anarwala village and from there its only 1 Km trek. You can reach till the cave if you are coming by your own conveyance.

So enjoy this Nature’s wonder and maintain the beauty of this beautiful place.



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