Parashar Lake

PlaceParashar Lake
StateHimachal Pradesh
Stay optionForest Rest House and PWD Guest House,Temple authority rooms and Camps
Places of InterestBarot, Kasrog and Rewalsar
Best Time to VisitThroughout the year avoid Autumn

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    Parashar Lake
Magical lake with floating island…….

Parashar Lake

Snapshot of My Journey

Duration                                 3 Days

Travel Month/Year                 January 2016

Estimated Trip Cost                INR 3,500 per person

Includes                                  Transport, Food and Stay

Another amazing place of Himachal, a small lake with floating island makes this place unique. Before visiting this place, I searched a lot and saw the images of the lake covered with snow in winters and lush green in monsoon. The images excited me a lot and I was going to Parashar keeping in mind the snow covered images of the lake. As I was going in winter I expected to see a frozen lake and places around the lake full of snow.

Parashar lake is around 9,000 ft. above the sea level. Rishi Parashar meditated at the bank of this river and a 3 storey Pagoda temple is dedicated to him. The lake is fenced from all sides to protect it from being polluted. There is only one entry from which only the priest can enter the lake with some followers. It is said that the 3 storey pagoda styled temple was constructed by King Bansen in the 13th century. But according to folklore, this temple was built from a single Deodar tree in 18 Years by a small child.

Parashar Lake at different time zone

Boarding an overnight bus at 08.00 pm from Delhi (ISBT- Kashmere Gate) to Mandi, it took around 11 hours to reach Mandi. Parashar lake is around 45 Km from Mandi. Taxi were easily available to Mandi. Taxi drivers were asking INR 1,200 for only dropping to the lake. I decided to go by local bus. There was a direct bus to Parashar lake depending upon if the roads are not blocked by snow. I was lucky that road was open till Parashar but at the same time I was worried about finding snow at Parashar lake because in the winters, road usually gets blocked by snow. The bus driver charged around INR 100 for dropping at Parashar lake. I left from Mandi at 8.00 am and reached around 12.30 pm at Parashar lake including a 20 minute halt on the midway. The road condition was not good but it’s manageable. The overall journey from Mandi to Parashar was nice. It is around less than 2 Km before Parashar Lake where the bus usually stops and from there you have to trek to see lake.  

  View from the Forest Guest House

After reaching to Parashar lake I was a little disappointing to see dry grassland as I expected snow but there were hardly any patches of snow around Parashar lake. Although it was not as per my expectation but overall it was good experience and would definitely suggest this place to be visited. I couldn’t ignore the scenic beauty of this place.   After reaching at the top I was amazed with its magical beauty and small hills around the lake makes it like a pearl in the shield. Floating island definitely is a unique experience. Adjoining the lake is the temple of Parashar. Temple is a 3 storey pagoda style of wooden carving with slate roofing. Temple structure and intricate carving was really impressive and worth to see. Leather stuff are not allowed in the temple premises.

Parashar Temple

It’s around 8 in the evening and temperature was started decreasing. I couldn’t afford to take out my hands out of my pocket. As I was tired, I was just waiting for my dinner so that I can go to my bed and cover myself as much as I can. In winter months, temperature usually goes down to below 0.

After dinner I moved to room and thanks to god that I did the reservation before coming to Parashar lake. I spent a night in forest guest house. Next morning after breakfast I descent to Baagi village. From there I took lift from there to Mandi.


I will definitely come there again when Parashar lake will be at its best and it’s yet to come.


There is a direct bus available from Mandi to Parashar Lake which leaves at 08.00 am from Mandi bus stand and reach around 12.30 pm at Parashar lake. After a halt for 2 hours at Parashar, same bus comes back to Mandi. In winters, usually roads get covered by snow and then trekking is the only option from Baagi village. From Mandi you can go by road till Baagi village and from there is a trekking of around 8 km which takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete.   



There are two Guest houses, one is Forest guest House and another one is PWD guest house. Both the guest houses require prior booking. It is advisable to get the booking done before leaving for Parashar lake to avoid last minute mess in your travel. There are only limited rooms in both the guest house.

To book Forest Guest House you can get in touch with

·         D.F.O Mandi at 01905-235360 or

·         R.F.O Kataula at 01905-269485.

·        You can either contact Vir Singh at 094591-37877 or Roop Singh at 094184-11746, both are the caretakers of the Forest Guest house. 


To book PWD guest house

·         Contact at 01905-22151

Apart from these two guest houses, you can also stay at temple authority rooms with basic facilities.



Food is not a problem in both the guest house but people who are living in temple authorities room you will get some snacks, lunch and dinner at reasonable price from the shops beside the temple.

Best time to go

Throughout the year except autumn.



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