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PlaceNaag Tibba
DistrictTehri Garhwal
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Best Time to VisitThroughout the year except Monsoon

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    Naag Tibba
Easy & Enchanting Trek

Thank God !! We survived...

Naag Tibba trek will always be there in my mind because of the adventure and thrill we encountered during the second night at the camp. Water started entering on our camps and strong winds was trying to move away our camps and we couldn’t hold our camps with our hand any more……..

My Journey

This time the plan was to go by our own car. It was 11.30 pm when we left our office and by 10.00 am the next morning we reached Pantwari village including halt time of 2 hours.

The trek starts from the village. After getting refreshed, we had some food and decided to take rest for an hour before starting the trek. Around 12.30 pm we started our trek. We had a guide with us for all our accommodation and food for the next two days. Initially during the trek it was barren land but gradually it turned out to be a dense area full of flora and fauna which was amazing to go through. Initially the path was very steep and the same continued for around 3 km. If you wish you can also cover the initial 3 km by car. The more we covered the trek the more greener and darker it was as it was monsoon. It took us around 6 hours to reach till the base camp. From the base camp its only 2 km to Naag Tibba summit. The condition was like that we sat down on the way and fell asleep because of tiredness and muscle pain. The air got cooler as we moved up which motivated us to move on. But thanks to our guide who kept on motivating us. I suggest you to take sufficient rest before starting to trek to avoid such a scenario. Camps were already in place. We all threw our bags and lied down in camp for rest. Our guide offered us tea which gave some relief to us. After an hour of a power nap, we got up and it was dark by that time. We enjoyed bonfire in the evening and in the end had our dinner around 10.00 pm. Finally a day full of struggle ended on a happy note.

Day 2 We moved out from our camp and were amazed to see clouds wrapping all around. It was difficult to guess it was 10 am in the morning. We all were looking refreshed and happy till our guide asked who all are going to Naag Tibba summit. All of us were looking at each other and a sound of “NO” came from all of us. I couldn’t go back without doing the summit, so I decided to move all alone. I had a quick tea with bread and butter. It was only 2 km but the entire way was quite steep. It took me exactly an hour to reach there. Unfortunately because of the clouds around I was not able to see any mountain ranges. Reaching at the highest point always gives me the sense of completeness or a sense of accomplishment. I was happy on my decision to move on.

Spent around an hour there, just sitting and looking at different shades of the weather. The route to the base camp to Naag Tibba was very beautiful. Moving in dense forest with visibility of only 50 meters is enough to create a beautiful imagination of such place in your mind.

Naag Tibba Summit

I came back to base camp in 25 minutes with lots of beautiful images of Naag Tibba.



We all had our lunch and started our downhill trek. After 4 km of downhill trek we spotted a very good place to pitch our tent for another night. The location was surrounded by dense forest. Pantawari village was just 4 km downhill from there. It was already 4.30 pm and we pitched our tent. We had tea and took some rest. Sitting in lap of nature and doing nothing was great fun. It was getting dark and we decided to start with bonfire. At the bonfire we were enjoying the cold weather.

………..It was around 10 pm and we decided to have dinner. Everything was going fine. Around 10.30 pm we all were in our camp when we first heard the sound of a storm and then it started drizzling. After that the weather became colder. In few minutes it started raining heavily along with strong winds. This was the first time I thought as if I made a wrong decision of doing a trek in the Monsoon. For the next hour all things were manageable and the camps were good enough to keep us safe from winds and rain. But after that water started entering in our camp and that was a sign of concern. Strong winds were getting stronger and we could not hold the camp any more with our hands. Things were getting worse and only option was to leave our camp. From the camp we were trying to call our guide but there was no network. However, the Guide came by himself and told us to leave the camp and rush for safety. We broke open the lock of the room beside the mule and got into the shed. To our surprise, the room was made up of mud. It was nonstop 8 hours of rain with heavy wind storm along with thunder light which increased the possibility of “ Abe bachenge ya nahi…..kahi upar hi na gir jaaye ” . It was a terrible night. Early morning on the next day our guide woke us up and suggested to wrap up fast as it stopped raining and leave from there as the weather was supposed to be bad again. We immediately packed our stuff and started back for Pantwari village. 2 hours of downhill trek was so challenging that we all fell at some point of time due to slippery and mud way. After reaching Pantwari village, we started our journey back to Delhi without wasting any time It gave us some relief once we crossed Dehradun . An adventure turned horrible night will always remain in my memory along with the grace that god bestow on us.

For more beautiful images and video …..Don’t forget to see my youtube video on Naag Tibba Trek


Naag Tibba is the highest peak in lower Himalayas in the Garhwal range of Uttrakhand and lends its name from Naag Tibba range. It’s a part of three ranges of Himalayas- Dhauladhar range, Pir Panjal and Naag Tibba range. One can see the majestic view of Bandarpoonch peak, the Gangotri group of peaks, Kedarnath peak in the north, Doon valley and the snow peaks of Chanabang. It is situated at a height of 9915 Ft. above the sea level.

Trek is easy to moderate in nature.Pantwari is around 350 km from Delhi and around 55 km from Moussoorie. Most suitable, economical and peaceful weekend trek around Delhi to get away from boring routine and to feel refreshed. Trek is possible throughout the year even in winters when other treks are closed due to snow. Avoid monsoon season from June end to August.

Why Naag Tibba Trek:

Accessibility – Just 350 km to Delhi.

Duration - Ideal for weekend trek .

Step Terrains - Trek is easy to moderate except some minutes of steep trek. Ideal for amateur trekkers.

How to Reach

Train and Buses are easily available from Delhi to Dehradun. Bus services from Dehradun to Nainbagh (via Moussoorie) is available which cost you around Rs 120 and after that shared taxi to Pantwari for another 50 bucks.

You can start Naag Tibba trek from two different routes.

From Devalsari Village – It’s around 13 km to Naag Tibba (Dehradun - Devalsari Village)

From Pantwari Village – It’s around 10 Km to Naag Tibba (Dehradun – Moussoorie - Nainbagh- Pantwari Village)

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