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Places of InterestHar ki Dhun & Kalap village
Best Time to VisitDec to March

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Scenic Snow Trek

Snapshot  of my journey


Duration                                                  5 Days

Travel Month/Year                                   Dec 2016

Estimated trip cost                                  INR 10,000

Includes                                                  Transport, Food & Stay


Jackals were all around the camp trying to frighten with their threatening sounds of Wooooooooo……… It was more than enough to scare us. Amazed to see frozen lake. Looking at the weather conditions; I was sure it would remain the same for the next couple of days. In the night; even 3 pairs of socks were not enough to keep my feet warm. These were some of the incidents happened during my journey to Kedarkantha trek but all of this could not keep back the excitement to view nature at its best which I was about to witness.


Kedar means Lord shiva and Kaantha means Neck. Situated at 12,500 ft above sea level and located in Govind Wild life sanctuary, Uttarkashi district in Uttrakhand. Kedarkaantha was a four days trek from Sankri. It is among one of the the scenic treks that offers great views of The Himalayas. This trek made me experience the meaning of life and purity & its beauty is the reason to go back to the Himalayas again.This was my first winter trek and i was excited to camp in the snow. Boarded an overnight bus from Delhi ISBT around 12.00 am and reached Dehradun around 07:00 am.I was looking for a taxi but was amazed when local people was not aware about Sankri village (6450 ft.) which is the base for well known Kedarkaantha and Har ki Dhun trek. A taxi usually takes 6 hours and would cost you around INR 4,500 to INR 5,500 but you can accomodate 8 people excluding the driver. If you are tight with budget, there are two buses from Dehradun to Sankri village around 6 am which usually takes 9 hours to reach and costs around INR 400.



Day 1  ( 24/12/2016 - Dehradun to Sankri


Route : Dehradun - Mussoorie -Nowgaon- Purola - Mori - Naitwar - Sankri. The road condition is above average and the drive is beautiful with the river flowing on the left. We stopped in between for lunch and for clicking photographs. Finally we reached around 6 and it was dark and even light was not there. Soon there was a briefing for the schedule for next couple of days. Everybody was having the same question, "Would there be snow during our trek ? "; and the answer was "Not sure". We all were disappointed as we came here for snow trek. We did our dinner and went back to our room.



Day 2  ( 25/12/2016 - Sankri (6450 ft.) to Juda ka Talab (9150 ft.)


We woke up around 7 a.m. and noticed that it rained last night; which meant the probability of seeing snow was more. After the breakfast, we all gathered and started to trek after confirmation from the trek leader. We started our trek around 10:30 a.m. and after 1 hour of trekking, it was the moment we went there for; yes, it started to snow. It was a wonderful feeling to watch the flakes of snow falling slowly on the ground. It kept snowing till the time we reached our base camp Juda ka Talab- (a small piece of land surrounded by pine trees). It was around 4 to 5 hours of a trek. Our tents and tea were all ready to be acquired. I could not stop myself from bringing my camera out. Everything was covered with snow and the entire view was awesome. We played with snow and captured this beautiful moment. It was around 7 p.m. and it started to get cold. After the  dinner we moved to our tent. I was struggling to get asleep. The temperature was around -12 and I had to wear extra layer of clothes to keep warm but still wasn’t able to sleep. Even 3 pairs of socks were not enough to keep my feet warm.



Day 3  ( 26/12/2016 - Juda ka Talab to KK base camp (11,250 ft.)


In the morning, everyone was asking the same question “ Did you sleep last night? “ and answer was same from all the people standing there- “ Nahi Yaar, It was so cold”. After having breakfast, we moved to next base camp.The trek was short and we reached there in around 3 hours. The camp site was not as beautiful as last day’s site. We met some of the trekkers coming back from the summit. They shared their experience and told us the about the beauty of the summit and the level of difficulty. I was excited about the trek. In the evening there was an arrangement of Bonfire which brought smiles on our faces. All of us were sitting around the fire sharing our previous trekking experiences. It was decided by our trek leader to move early around 3.30 am for the summit to avoid rush on the way as there were other groups as well and more importantly to see the sunrise from Kedarkaantha peak. We had our dinner and went to our tents. This time we were lucky that we managed to sleep.



Day 4  ( 27/12/2016 ) – KK  Base Camp to Kedark a antha


Finally we were to witness the summit on this day. We woke up at 3 a.m. and got ready by 3:30 a.m. We started to trek around 4 a.m. It was all dark but everyone had a torch. We were passing through the forest and each sound from there was scary. The trek was amazing as we passed through the forest and the snow covering path. We took small breaks during our trek. The sunrise was about to happen and we were still 1 km behind the summit point. So instead of moving further, I decided to witness the sunrise from there. 

It was a great experience to see the sunrise from such point. The last stretch of the trek was steep. After an hour of trekking, finally I was at top of the point. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and the view was amazing enough to steal my breath. After spending some good time there and capturing good memories, it was time to return to the base camp. Unfortunately some of the group members could not make it to the top and returned from the mid-way. It took around four and half hours to reach to the top and around three and half hours to come back to the base camp. Around 1 p.m. we were at the base camp. We had our lunch and decided to rest. In the evening it was again bonfire and snacks time and people were sharing their experiences with each other. Time kept on moving and it was eventually dinner time. After having dinner, everyone moved to their tent as we all were tired. It was around 11 p.m. and all of a sudden I woke up hearing a strange sound of some animal. The sound was coming from all sides of the camp. That moment was scary, I covered my face and make sure camp was properly packed & zipped and tried to sleep.



Day 5  ( 28/12/2016 ) – The next morning, I was very curious to know what was that sound. They told me that they all were Jackals and came very near to the camp in search of food. I was happy that I did not come to know this in the night otherwise it would have been another sleepless night. After breakfast, we started for Sankri village and having our lunch there, went back to Dehradun.

It was again that time of my trek which makes me little sad when I realize I had to go back to my world of daily hassles leaving the beautiful nature behind. Hence, I took the overnight bus from Dehradun to Delhi.



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