Kalga, Pulga & Tulga

PlaceKalga, Pulga & Tulga
Stay optionHomestay and Cafes
Places of InterestNearby Villages
Best Time to VisitThroughout the year except Monsoon

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    Kalga, Pulga & Tulga
Lesser Known Villages of Parvati Valley

Till the time you will not lay in the nature’s lap, you are not going to find yourself” is the essence of life. With a view to stick to this thought, during the last couple of times I had been to some of lesser known villages in The Parvati valley. One of them is now getting popular from last couple of years but rest of the villages are still lesser known to most of us.

Boarded an overnight bus from Delhi and reached Bhuntar around 11 am and from there another bus to Barsheni. It is a 45 minutes trek to Tosh village from Barsheni.

Kalga, Tulga & Pulga

Kalga is one of the scattered villages’ in Parvati Valley. It is around 45 minutes easy trekking to the village from Barshaini. It is a small hamlet and exceptionally scenic due to its apple orchards. You can see the apples fallen on the ground. You can also find patches of plain land with only a small house. Some of the houses are abandoned. It took me around half a day to explore the entire village. There are several cafes and home stay to spend your time.

Tulga lies in the centre of Kalga and Pulga. Pulga is little densely populated as compared to Kalga and Tulga. It has more stay options. The less populated among the three villages is Tulga.

All three village are close by and easily accessible and have around 45 minutes to 60 minutes trekking in between them. These villages are isolated and remote and because of this, they are beautiful, scenic and more importantly cleaner.

All villages are serene, calm and peaceful which isn’t buzzing with tourists yet. Kalaga also acts as an ideal place to break the journey to Kheerganaga.

There is no motorable road to these villages. Hiking or trekking is the only option to reach these villages. As a result of this, the beauty and charm of these villlages are preserved. The level of trek is easy to perform.

Pulga is famous worldwide amongst travellers for its famed ‘fairy forest’ – a dense deodar jungle located right next to the village. Lush green forests with huge pine trees is a must visit if you are in Pulga to enjoy the serenity of nature. The Jungle was extremely quiet and not even a single person was there. I was all alone walking in the forest. It was a truly rejuvenating experience to avoid city hustle & bustle.

I would advise you to spend at least a night at all three villages in order to experience true nature. It is a perfect getaway to loosen yourself in solitude and experience what silence speaks away from the maddening city crowd.

This is a beautiful trinity of villages near Kasol. It also provides wonderful locations for camping far away from the hustle & bustle of the city life.

Route  Delhi – Bhuntar – Barshaini – Kalga/Pulga/Tulga

Electricity and Mobile signal - Electricity is available. No problem with mobile signal except in some part of villages.

See my full video on Kalga, Pulga & Tulga    https://youtu.be/BrdfogN0vtc


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