StateHimachal Pradesh
Stay optionHuts and Dharamshala
Places of InterestNatural Beauty and Shiv Idol at Summit
Best Time to VisitMay to November except Monsoon

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Choor Chandni Ki Dhar

It was raining heavily in Delhi and the weather forecast was not suitable. It was a prediction of a whole day rain for all three days with thunderstorm in CHURDHAR as well. Till the last moment everyone was suggesting me to change the travel location but I was not in favour of doing that. Lord Shiva idol at 12,000 ft. and a picturesque view is any time worth it for that matter. So finally we decided on to move for Churdhar trek.

Churdhar Peak is at a height of 12,000 Ft. above sea level and is the highest peak of the Shivalik range in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. Nohradhar is the base for this trek and is at a distance of around 370 km from Delhi. It is easily accessible by road. Churdhar is also known as ‘‘ChoorChandni Ki Dhar’’ (the ridge of the bangle of snow) and covered with snow on its upper ridge throughout the year.

We left around 11 pm from Delhi and reached Nohradhar at around 8 am after taking 3 halts. The road is good but the last 20 km was below average. We parked our vehicle in the parking area. After having breakfast and gathering latest information on the condition of the trek from locals, we began our trek at 10:30 am. It was drizzling that time and it did not seem to stop for the whole day. 

The target was to reach Teesri by 4 pm which is around 12 km from Nohradhar. Teesri is the second and only point of taking a halt on this trek. Unfortunately we took some wrong turn in beginning of trek and after around 2 hours we realized that we lost our way to the trek. We didn’t have any other option except for keeping to move hoping to get on the right track. It was around 3 pm and we were not sure where were we heading. There was no one to guide us. Eyes were full of tears…not mine but some of my friends (Just Joking). So we started to move back from the route we came from. After 20 minutes of downhill trek, we finally found 2 men which brought smile on our faces. They were with their two cattle. Usually locals leave their cattle in the dense forest for food for couple of months. And after certain period of time they come back to bring their cattle to home again. We told them the whole story and we were shocked with the local’s information, the way on which we were going was dense forest and had a chance of getting attacked by animals as well. We requested them to show us the right track and if possible come along with us. Being a local, they knew another route and asked us to follow them. As we were already too late, they suggested us to stay at Jamnala (first point of halt) which has only two huts for accommodation and food. But they were not sure if it was open as it was rainy season. We did not have any option except to follow them. We kept on following them and asking frequently “Kitni Door hai Abhi “ and every time they told us that it will take 15 more minutes. It was more than 1.5 hours and it was tiring to trek from last around 6 hours. Some of us started feeling that these locals were making a fool of us. But finally after next 45 minutes we were at Jamnala and we could see those two huts from far but the question was still in our mind- Is it “OPEN or Not ”?

We all were praying to god for it to be open. The moment I saw the two huts, I ran so fast to see it. I thanked GOD…… It was open and gave us a sense of relief. We also thanked those two messenger local guides who kept on motivating us all the time by saying that it was just for 15 more minutes for that long trek of 2,5 hours. At right time we all were inside the wooden hut as it started to turn dark and rain also started. We asked for tea as we all were wet and tired. After that everyone was making fun of each other and conversations kept on going. It was getting cold and the temperature was around 8 degrees. The caretaker gave us two pairs of blanket each. We took our dinner and were not sure when all of us got asleep.

The Day was full of adventure, nonstop travel from Delhi & a nonstop trek , lost & found, tears and happiness, shouting and love ….finally came to an end. A day to remember for all of us especially for all those who were trekking for the first time.

Next Day– It was around 8 am, after breakfast we all were leaving for the Churdhar Summit. It was around 11 km from Jamnala. The plan was to reach there and spend a night. But after looking at last day’s scenario, we thought to take our decision depending on the situation. It took us around 2.5 hours to reach Teesri which is aound 5 km from Jamnala. We had our lunch there and decide to relax for a while. Around 11.30 pm, we left for the Churdhar Summit. Trek was getting scenic as we were going uphill and there was a change in the climate as well which rejuvenated us. There were some beautiful flowers all around the route. The last stretch of around 2 km is steep. It was around 2.30 pm and we were very close to the summit when we encountered two diversions. Right one was going uphill to Lord Shiva’s idol and the left diversion was going downhill to Churdhar temple.

We decided to cover uphill trek first which took around 40 minutes to reach at the top. All tiredness went away and we were feeling excited. Finally we did it!! One can feel and touch the clouds. The beauty from there was picturesque and can’t be expressed in words. See my video to believe it . I bet you can’t stop yourself to pack your rucksack to see its mesmerizing beauty. Lord Shiva’s idol adds a religious importance to it. It is a must visit place and should be in your list. We spent around an hour there. It was an awesome feeling there. After that we moved down to the Temple from a different but short route. After 20 minutes of downhill trekking we reached to Chureshwar Maharaj Temple. We all spent some good time there, prayed and thanked for our safe journey.

What’s next?? After a discussion we decided to spend a night in Teesri which is 6 km downhill so that the next day we needed to trek downhill only for 12 km. Another reason was that we had to leave for Delhi after that. It was around 5.30 pm when we started our downhill trek. Somewhere in our mind we all were frightened because we all knew that it will take around 2 hours to reach Teesri and the sunset was about to happen. We kept on going at a good pace to avoid downhill trekking in the dark. We were halfway and it was already dark. Moonlight was helping us to see our way but was not enough. It was a cold night and above that we were passing through the jungle. We switched on our torches and decided to remain together to avoid any undesirable event to happen. It was a frightened 50 minutes of a trek to Teesri point. We all were happy to reach safe. We had some snacks with tea and asked the caretaker to prepare food. We had our dinner and went to sleep. At around 4.30 am, there was a loud sound of something on the roof of the hut. We were terrified and to terrify us more, the caretaker told us that due to a tiger outside the hut, the dog must have jumped on the roof to save itself. Hearing this, we were not able to sleep after that and prayed for the morning to happen quickly so that we could start our journey back to our homes.

The next morning, after having our breakfast we started our journey back at 8.30 am. And reached Nohradhar via Jamnala in next 3 hours. After that we loaded our stuff in our car and hit the road back to Delhi. We reached Delhi at 9.30 pm.

A wonderful journey to share and above that to experience.

Nohradhar ----- ( 7km ) Jamnala (2 Huts) ------ ( 5 km )Teesri (2 Huts ) ------ (6km) Churdhar Summit (Dharamshala)

Things to Remember

  • Hotels, Clinic, ATM, Grocery, Bar, Bank, Bus stop, Police station and other basic facilities available only at Nohradhar town. Shirgul Ji temple is on the peak.
  • There are many places to start the trek but best is from Nohradhar town. From Nohradhar, there are two route. One is long but modearate and easy in nature but another one is short but steeper. Avoid trekking in night.
  • Most important - Trek way is around 2 feet wide from starting to end. The moment you entered in to narrow trek means you are going in a wrong direction. Be careful we did this this trek and suffered a lot .
  • Don't carry two much food stuff as you can get it on the way and at Jamnala, Teesri and at Dharmashala at peak.
  • You may encounter with bulls on the way. Stricly avoid them and be careful from them.
  • Trek is for 2 to 3 days from Delhi depending upon your fitness and will cost you around 3k per head.
  • Buses for Nohradhar are easily available from Solan and Rajgarh.

See my video for all beautiful images of Churdhar Trek

Keep Exploring !!

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