DistrictLahaul and Spiti
StateHimachal Pradesh
Stay optionCamp
Places of InterestKunzum Pass and Batal
Best Time to VisitMay End to October Mid

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One of its Kind

Time makes you forget everything but there are some things which you can’t forget and Chandratal’s mesmerizing beauty is that aura. This place has the ability to hypnotize you by its clean, clear, blue and turquoise water.

Chandratal is located at 14,100 feet above sea level. Being situated at high level you will find this place unexplored in its purest form. Camping near to Chandratal is not allowed. The nearest place where you can stay in a camp is around 5km before Chandratal. Last motorable road is before 1.5 km from Chandratal & after that the route is blocked by stones, the only option to go from there by trekking. It will take 20 minutes to reach there.

How to Reach

Manali ------˃ Rohtaang Paas ------˃ Gramphu ------˃ Chatru ------˃ Batal ------˃ Chandratal

Chandratal is around 120 km from Manali. It will take around 7-9 hours to reach Chandratal from Manali. There is no public transport available till Chandratal. Nearest point from public transport is Batal. From Batal it’s around 14 km to Chandratal. The option from Batal is either by trekking or conveyance. The economical way to reach Chandratal is by public transport till Batal and from there trekking. And if you are lucky you can get lift to Chandratal from other travelers who are going there but at the same time relying on your luck to get lift there is not a good option if you are a true explorer. You can trek to Chandratal and back to Batal by evening but make sure you start your trekking early in the morning around 5.00 am.

Having your own conveyance is the best way to travel to Chandratal but it’s an expensive ride.


Stay Option

If you wish you can stay in a camp near Chandratal. You can contact Parasol Camps Chandratal - 094188-45817, 09459910098 for your stay in Channdratal. Another option is Batal; stay there and trek to Taal or travel by your vehicle. There are only 2 dhabas available in Batal. Chandra Dhaba is among that and is managed by an aged couple. These dhabas has stay facility. Travelers take a halt in Batal for Chandratal. From Batal you can trek up and down from Chandratal in a day.


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