Kasol, Tosh & Malana

PlaceKasol, Tosh & Malana
StateHimachal Pradesh
Stay optionCamp and Hotels
Places of InterestMalana, Tosh Village, Kheerganga, Manikaran Gurudwara and Parvati River
Best Time to VisitApr to June and Sept to Nov

More Information

    Kasol, Tosh & Malana
Mini Israel of India (Kasol)

Snapshot of My Journey

Duration 4 Days

Travel Month/Year August 2014

Estimated Trip Cost INR 5,500

Includes Transport, Food and Stay


Its Kasol not Kasauli….You heard it right. Both places are in Himachal but are different. Kasol is near to Manikaran and Kasauli is approx. 70 km from Chandigarh.

Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh, also known as mini Israel. It is situated in Parvati Valley, on the banks of Parvati River.  Kasol is on the way to Bhuntar to Manikaran. Kasol is an ideal destination for relaxation, good place to sit on the bank of a river and enjoy the nature. Kasol is base for various trekking like Sar paas, Yankar Pass, Pin Parbati and Kheerganga.

It was extended weekend and I started looking for some places to relax. As I had four days I decided to cover Kasol, Malana and Tosh village. Because of extended weekend all buses were packed and I managed to get a seat in local bus. It was overnight bus from Kashmiri gate to Kullu. Around 12 pm, I reached Bhuntar (Around 6km before Kullu) and from there it took me around an hour to reach Kasol by bus.

There is no direct bus to Kasol. You need to board Kullu or Manali bus and get off from the bus at Bhuntar which is 6 km before Kullu or if you travelling by car you need to take a right turn from Bhuntar for Kasol. From Bhuntar to Kasol it’s around 30 KM. There are lots of private taxi and local buses available from Bhuntar to Kasol. Going through taxi will cost you more but it is more comfortable. But if you are short of budget you can opt for local bus .

Camping at Kasol

After reaching to Kasol I was looking for place to stay. After trying in multiple hotels it was clear that Kasol was fully packed and it was going to be tough to get a place to stay.  After searching for an hour, a local suggested me to try camp on river side and luckily I got a camp there. Places was awesome surrounded by trees and river at backside of the camp. After relaxing for 3 hours I moved out to explore Kasol. I tried some of local food and explored local market.

Food is not a problem here. You will easily get western and Indian food here. You can try some Israeli food Shakshouka, Bureka, lemon cake. Don’t forget to try Trout. German bakery is must visit place. It’s good place to eat.

After coming back to camp at around half past 8, I found there was bonfire and people were dancing   and enjoying on music. It was great to had music along with the sound of river. I had a very great and enjoyable time in camp.

Kasol is a party place and a backpacker’s paradise. Kasol is not a place for one time.


Next day I decided to cover Tosh Village. I took local bus to Bharsheni which is the last stoppage on the bus route. After that I decided to do some trek and it took one and half hour to reach Tosh village.



To enter in to the village you need to cross a small wooden bridge. Tosh village is not commercialized as Kasol. After breathtaking views on the way to Tosh, I decided to spend one night in Tosh village. After lodging I moved out to explore village. I moved along with narrow lanes of village which was making village more connected and beautiful.  A walk through the village was pleasant. Tosh is a village with scenic beauty and making a place suitable for meditation & relaxation. Tosh village has nothing to do much. All you can do is to get ready with your camera and lost in nature.



Tosh is 3 km from Bharsheni and you can go by taxi. Trekking is another option to see some of the breathtaking views. Budget accommodation is available and food is not concern in Tosh.


Malana is situated at 9,938 ft. above sea level and village of Malana is also known as village of Taboos. Malana was the most awaited place in my list. After spending a night in Tosh I decided to cover Malana village. Plan was to see and come back to Kasol for night stay. Heard lots of stories about Malana that why I enquired a lot about it before planning for Malana.


  Malana…A burnt House

In Tosh village I found a group who was going back to Manali from tosh and they offered me lift till Kasol. I confirmed from the locals that there is no public transport to Malana. The option is to go by hiring a taxi. I hired a taxi and it took around one and half hour to reach Malana .Last 4km is uphill and only possible by trekking. Trekking is moderate and can be complete in around two and half hours. I was conscious as i heard and read a lot of things to take care while in Malana. And it is true that you are not supposed to touch any walls or any belongings otherwise you have to pay penalty. I was trying to know about the locals and their life style.


  Malana local Casino

Villagers are known for production of local plant called Hash. Malana cream is high oil content make it among the most expensive hashish. Different age group of people will ask you to buy hash including children. Malana has its own lifestyle, own rules and people are strict in following their customs. Village has totally different civilization. They consider themselves as the descendants of Alexander the Great.

Now it’s time to going back to Kasol. As I was alone I decided to leave on time from Malana. Malana is all together a totally different experience for me. I have never seen a village like this.

Make sure you don’t touch any wall or any other things without their permission otherwise you have to pay for that. It’s a place for bag packers not for family and advisable not to go there solo. 


How to Reach

There are regular buses from Delhi to Bhuntar (On the way to Kullu & Manali). From Bhuntar you can go by local bus or taxi as per your budget to Kasol, Malana and Tosh.

For Kasol – Kasol is around 30 Km from Bhuntar. Direct local bus and taxi available to Kasol.

For Malana - Jari is the place on the way to Kasol from Bhuntar. Easy way to reach Malana is to hire a taxi from Jari as there is no public transport to Malana. You can hire a direct taxi from Bhuntar as well for Malana. Malana is 23 km from Jari and last 4 km is uphill and needs to complete by trekking .

To Tosh – Local bus and taxi is available from Bhuntar to Tosh village. If you go by taxi you can reach up to Tosh Village and if you go by public bus then Barshaini is the last stoppage for Tosh village. After that trekking is an option or you can hire a taxi from Barshaini.


Delhi --------˃ Bhuntar --------˃ Jari --------˃ Kasol --------˃ Manikaran --------˃ Barshaini --------˃ Tosh

Best Time to go

Apr to June and Sept to Oct.

Nearby Attraction

Manikaran , Rashol and base for trekking to Sar paas, Yankar Pass, Pin Parbati and Kheerganga

Stay and Food

Kasol has fair amount of hotels and camping sites and serves western and Indian food.

Malana and Tosh village has only budget accommodation. And food option is available but not as Kasol.



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